Focusing on R&D and design of integrated flywheels for 5 years, 16 patents have been granted, and 25 patents have been applied (including 8 invention patents and 6 PCT applications have been submitted). The registered trademark is SROAD.

      Hunan NTAM material technology co. LTD was established in 2016, registered at Ningxiang High-tech zone of Changsha city, Hunan province, which is a high-tech enterprise focuses on the research, development and production of high strength aluminum alloy plates and medium-high graded bicycle derilleurs. The company takes innovation and progress, quality excellence, platform sharing,. industry dedicates to the service of county" as the guide of action. The research and development of novel equipment are paid with particular attetion, innovation and talents are always regardedas the core of business development.
      The company has two branch plants: aluminum alloy plate plant and bicycle derailleur plant. In which, bicycle derailleur plant covers an area of 2000 square meters, currently, , there are 20 employees.including 5 who processes Master and Doctor degrees,2 professors, 2 senior engineers, 1 technician, 85% of employees with College degree or above. The company is determined to produce Chineseown high-graded sport bicycle derilleurs. It has been strongly technical supported by universities such as Central South University, Changsha University of Science & Technology and Hunan Universityof Science and Technology with their talents, Up to present, 7 patents have been granted, and 21 patents have been appied, in which 6 are invention patents, 6 PCT have been applied and the rests are.pater  s for utlity models.
      At present, an integrated cassette serious production line has been built with over 40 sets of complete equipment, holding a production capacity of 30,O00 sets annually. In order to guarantee the supreme quality of the products, substantial capital has been invested to build a sport bicycle derailleur test center, which will be completely built in end of July, 2018. The test center will reaize the overall inspection of bicycle derailleurs. The integrated cassette serious products have been applied SROAD as the trademark.



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